Extensions using VTAP

Vtiger platform team has built many extensions using VTAP and released them to the market place for the customers. Most of these extensions are released for free so our customers can benefit from VTAP platform. Some of the extensions are

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Useful to perform common action like adding records, opening menu, navigating to other pages and more more just using keyboard.
  • Voice command
    • Perform actions just by giving voice commands.
  • List Reminders
    • Add reminders from the list page of any module.
  • Viewers
    • See which other crm user is watching the same record, for example is there any other helpdesk agent watching a newly reported issue so we do not end up sending multiple communication to the customer.
  • Clearbit integration
    • See more than 100 different Contact enrich data like social media details, location, which company he works, company's profile details etc right within crm. The data are hosted by clearbit.com and requires their subscription.
  • GridEdit
    • Perform excel like editing within CRM.
  • Whatsapp integration with Gupshup, Clickatell and IMI Mobile.
    • Send and receive whatsapp message using different provider
  • Exotel SMS Integration
    • Send sms using Exotel gateway