Help customer and partners to extend CRM capabilities by enabling deep customizations and build application to meet business needs.

What is VTAP?

VTAP is acronym for Vtiger Application Platform providing low-code and no-code platform helping professionals to extend CRM capabilities.

Why do you need such a platform?

Various teams in the the organization are moving towards digitizing their day to day activity, sales manager wants a customized tool to track their forecast and sales targets. HR team wants to manage internal employees leave management and Payroll management and so on. You are in the IT technical team assigned with accompolishing mission critical innovations for all these teams with limited resources.

This is where VTAP platform comes in to your rescue and empower you with tools to quickly build custom solutions. It can help you tackle complex problems making app development much more efficient for professionals.

What can you do with VTAP platform?

  1. Low code tools let you can build and design custom pages for your users.
  2. You can add custom buttons, widgets, actions, popups in Vtiger UI framework.
  3. Connect with other applications and bring in data to show inside Vtiger.
  4. Enable other applications to push data into Vtiger through Webhooks.

Benefits of VTAP

Client Benefits

  • Tool will adapt to changing process needs.
  • Faster realization of value (Faster TTM)
  • Increase adoption by improving its fit for your business.

Partner Benefits

  • Happier clients
  • Generic add-ons