First of all you will need an edition which enables these tools, check here to know more if your Vtiger edition supports it.

VTAP platform requirements

For low code platform, you will need the developer having knowledge on client side technologies like

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • OAuth2 standard

But platform also empowers non-IT employees to solve simple business challenges on their own by building business applications using no-code tools called Process Designer. You can refer our help article for more details.

For low-code platform development, we provide inbuilt libraries like

  • Jquery
  • Highcharts
  • Bootstrap Vue.

But we are not limited to this, you can add any library to the framework using our Javacript API's. Our client side framework is build on Vuejs. So having knowlege on components will help build faster on vtiger.

For building REST APIs or Incoming webhooks, knowledge on Vtiger Application Design Language (VADL) which is loosely based on XML is required. We have defined xml equivalent for making REST API calls and connect to other systems, and also given an Javascript interface to call them within the CRM low-code as well.