Module Designer

what is Module Designer?

The Module Designer allows you to create or extend the functionality of an existing module within Vtiger CRM. If you are not aware of what a module is within Vtiger, these are the sections of the CRM where individual record types are segmented, created, and stored. These include Contacts, Organizations, Deals, Invoices, and many more. These type of modules are called Entity modules, which supports out-of-the box features like Reports, Workflows, Approvals etc.

We also support modules that do not follow these standard conventions, such modules are helper modules supporting core modules to achieve specializations. For example Sales Insights, they shows analytics from Deal modules, Keyboard shortcuts giving you quick ways to perform day today activities using just your computer keyboard. These types of modules are called Extension modules.

When should I use the Module Designer?

  • Add a button in the list/detail page
  • Add a custom widget on the detail page
  • Add an icon when you hover over list page records
  • Have a notification appear when conditions are met
  • Design a custom page in a module or create a brand new module.
  • Change the look and feel of Vtiger UI.
  • Add custom components(html components) which can be used at multiple places including custom pages.
  • Build SMS, Whatsapp, Data Sync connectors to build communication channels using various providers and provide 1-way/2-way crm data sync with external applications.