VDS Components

What is VDS Component?

VDS stands for Vtiger Design Systems which defines core html components offered by VTAP platform. These components can be used when creating custom pages, widgets, popups or inside other custom components.

Below are the list of components that are readily available to be consumed:


This component is used to display dropdown list of options.

<v-select2 :required=true :emptyOption=false v-model="" :multiple=false :options=""></v-select2>
Property Type Default Description
required bool false use this to make a field mandatory in the form
emptyOption bool false if you want to show an empty option set this to true
v-model String - this will store value of the selected option
multiple bool false if you want to allow selecting multiple values in the drop down
options Object - this will have a map of option values, for example [{'label':'Private','value':'private'}, {'label':'Public', 'value':'public'}]

More to come soon...